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The Graduate School


The Graduate School (GS) sits within the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.  

 First established in 2002, the Graduate School is committed to helping doctoral students to become strategic researchers, motivated self-managers, excellent communicators, and capable interdisciplinary collaborators, fit for continuing in academic and alternative-academic roles.

 The goals of the Graduate School (GS) are to:

  • Provide support to GS-members on their Ph.D. journeys
  • Foster science communication
  • Increase the visibility of the Faculty's research
  • Enhance inter and transdisciplinary research and collaboration


To achieve these goals we have developed a variety of formats, including peer coaching, workshops and events.

You can participate in all Graduate School events and workshops and benefit from being part of our vibrant community. There is no obligation to participate in any activities or workshops. You are free to select the events and workshops that best suit your needs.

Find out what could be interesting for you and stay up-to-date by using our Calendar.


Haifa Debouk is our Managing Director, and Esther Muschelknautz supports her as Coordinator.