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Alex Giurca

The forest-based bioeconomy: actor networks, policies and politics in Germany and northern Europe

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Angelika Kübert

Extreme drought in grasslands determining the vegetation-soil-atmosphere process using stable isotopes

Chair: Ecosystem Physiology

Anja Nölte

Developing forest growth models for native tree species in Costa Rica

Chair: Forest Economy

Anna Knuff

Insect communities along a structural complexity gradient in temperate multiple-use forests

Chair: Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology

Anna-Lena Haendel

Effects of rain-on-snow events and basal ice on the seasonal NDVI in High Arctic Svalbard: a multiscale approach

Chair: Wildlife Ecology and Management

Anja Bindewald

Criteria and assessment of the invasiveness of introduced forest tree species in Europe

Chair: Silviculture

Annette Bösmeier

Exploring and analyzing data for reconstruction and modelling of historical flood events within the Upper Rhine area

Chair: Physical Geography

Anran Luo

Circular Economy in China: transformative policy or policy in transition? A discourse analysis

Chair: Circular Economy

Arthur Jakobs

Hybridisation of life-cycle-asses and Input-output models through the use of maximum entropy theory

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Benjamin Hennchen

The local food systems as a field of practice and knowledge

Chair: Environmental Governance

Benjamin Schwarz

Temporal dynamics in ecological interaction networks: temporal structure and its functional consequences

Chair: Biometry and Environmental System Analysis

Bettina Joa

Local biodiversity knowledge and forest conservation practices

Chair: Wildlife Ecology and Management

Dai Saito

The influence of nutrient availability on the relationship between species richness, functional diversity and productivity in juvenile tree communities

Chair: Sylviculture

David Sipple

Eingebundenheit kommunaler Ernährungssysteme in Marktnetzwerken

Chair: Environmental Governance

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Emma Gothar

Fishing for Litter - A Market-Actor-Network Perspective on Marine Plastic Waste Management

Chair: Environmental Governance

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Eulalia Baulenas

Policy integration across the water and forest sectors

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Felicia Linke

Biozidauswaschung an Fassaden

Chair: Hydrology

Felix Hofmann

Geometrie, Chronologie und Dyanmik der letzten Pleistozänen Vergletscherung des Schwarzwaldes

Chair: Sedimentary Geology

Georgios Skiadaresis

Effects of groundwater extraction and extreme drought events on vitality and growth of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) trees

Chair: Silviculture

Gilang Hardadi

Distributional Analysis of Carbon Tax in Germany Using Macroeconomic IO table

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Hanna Helander

Concepualizing and Measuring material flows and environmental impacts in a bio-based circular Economy

Chair: Circular Economy

Harald Honer

"KonKlim: Bewertung des Anpassungspotenzials, der Wachstumsplastizität und der Produktivität von Fichte, Tanne und Douglasie im Hinblick auf prognostizierte Klimaveränderungen im Schwarzwald

Chair: Forest Growth and Dendroecology

Jan Stegemann

Wurzelcharakteristika alpiner Pflanzengesellschaften und deren Bedeutung für die Resilienz blaikengefährdeter Ökosysteme

Chair: Soil Ecology

Jana Baldy

Kommunale Ernährungssysteme - Eine Aalyse aus politikintegrativer Perspektive
Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Janna Wambsganß

Effect of tree species diversity on fine-root traits and decomposition in mature forest stands across Europe

Chair: Silviculture

Johann Franz

Activity patterns and space use in wild boar (sus scrofa L.)

Chair: Biometry and Environmental System Analysis

Johannes Litschel

Muße im Wald

Chair: Wald und Forstgeschichte

Julia Federer

Capturing market dynamics - the role of actors´market perceptions in the development of existing markets

Chair: Environmental Governance

Kavya Madhu

Prospective Assessment of Emerging Technolgies

Chair: Sustainable energy and material flow management, Industrial ecology

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Klaus Kremer

Conversion of exotic tree plantations into native temperate forests in South Chile

Chair: Silviculture

Kyle Kovach

Quantifying the functional role of canopy structural and chemical traits for productivity across experimental tree diversity gradients using a hyperspectral imaging system

Chair: Geobotany

Linda Ruppert

Germany's geopolitical role within armament projects

Chair: Geography

Lionel Fosso

Integration of cllimate changes to forest management practices: a comparative study of the Black Forest in Germany, the Cerle Forest Unit in Turkey,the Bbmembalek Forest in Cameroon

Chair: Silviculture

Lisa Harseim

tba - in the field of phosphorus flows and urban policy

Chair: Transformation nachhaltige Energiesysteme

Liu Xiang

Synergistic Use of One-class and Multiclass Classification Approaches to Map tree species and Deadwood at landscape Scale Based on Multi-source Remote Sensing Data

Chair: Remote sensing and landscape information systems

Locardia Shayamunda Locardia

Small Farmers´stragegies in dealing with crisis: Responses of rural socio-ecological systems to politic crisis in Zimbabwe

Chair: Silviculture

Lukas Baumbach

Economic implications of tree species shifts under climate change in Central America

Chair: Forestry Economics and Forest Planning

Marina Roth

Effects of nitrogen deposition on potentially eutrophication-sensitive temperate forest types

Chair: Applied Vegetation Ecology

Marit Van Tiel

Drought resilience in glacier fed hydrological systems: tracing trends and changes

Chair: Enviromental Hydrological System

Marlotte Jonker

Bat & forest structure - the effect of retentio measures on biodiversity

Chair: Wildlife Ecology and Management

Martin Ritter

Sharing Economy as pathway to Sustainability?

Chair: Environmental Governance

Marufa Sultana

Patterns and drivers of urban biodiversity in Southern Asia and Western Europe

Chair: Wildlife Ecology and Management

Marzena Wilczynski

Market dynamics in the development of the Biomass-to-Liquid-Innovation in Germany

Chair: Environmental Governance

Mathilde Erfurt

Drought in Baden-Württemberg

Chair: Physical Geography

Melani Pelaez Jara

Science-Policy-Society Interactions in Environmental Risk and Adaptation Policymaking: Evidence from Latin America and Europe

Chair: Sustainability Governance

Mubarak Abdulkarim

Late pleistocene fluvial dynamics in the upper rhine plane

Chair: Sedimentary Geology

Ndlovu Nicholas Pythagoras

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Prapawadee Srisunthon

Influence of fluvial landscape change on ancient settlements along Nan River, Northern Thailand

Rafael Bohn Reckziegel

Structural and functional analysis of trees in different land use systems

Chair: Forest Growth and Dendroecology

Rainer Hilland

A Multi-Scale Investigation of Atmospheric Turbulent Coherent Structures Using Time Sequential Thermography

Chair: Metereology

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Rio Aryapratama

Estimating climate change mitigation potential of bio-based materials use

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Robert John

Marketization of sand in Cambodia: global networks, conflicts and materialities

Chair: Geography

Robin Schwemmle

The combined impact of climate change and adapted land use management on water quality

Chair: Hydrology

Robin Bourke

Simulation räumlich hochaufgelöster Böengeschwindigkeitsfelder zur Minimierung des Sturmschadenrisikos

Chair: Metereology

Romane Berthelin

Characterization of recharge and ETP processes in Karst systems under different climates and different land use types

Chair: Hydrological Modeling and Water Resources

Simon Schulte

Scenarios for a sustainable manufacturing sector in Germany

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Sophie Mailänder

Analyse und Bewertung des ökologischen Zustands von forstwirtschaftlich genutzten Wäldern der Hartholzaue

Chair: Silviculture

Stefan Reifenberg

Forest ecosystem modelling

Chair: Forestry Economics and Forest Planning

Stefanie Klose

Efficiency of copper

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Sylvie Berthelot

The influence of phenology and species origin on tree-herbivore-enemy interaction networks in a tree diversity experiment"

Chair: Biometry and Environmental System Analyisis

Tunde Olarinoye

Comparative karst hydrology

Chair: Hydrological Modeling and Water Resources

Wibke Müller

Water governance: drought poling stakeholder interaction

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Yanling Zou

3D object recognition in forest

Chair: Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems

Yuki Henselek

The economic insurance value of wind pollinators in almond orchards in California

Chair: Environmental Economics and Resource Management

Zhenyu Ma

Object classification using lidar data
Chair: Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems