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Graduate School Conferences

The Graduate School ESGC organises on an annual basis the ESGC Graduate School Conference. 

The ESGC Graduate School Conference provides the ESGC Junior Fellows the opportunity to present their research to a wider audience. The conference is organised as a one day event with different sessions and invited key note speakers. 

The ESGC Graduate School Conference is directed to ESGC members as well as to Master Students of relevant programmes at the University of Freiburg as well as at other EUCOR universities. 

This year we are excited to announce the ESGC’s first Night of Sciences which will take place on November 16th, 2016 in the archeological collection in the Herderbau!

Please SAVE THE DATE and take advantage of the opportunity to learn about and explore the current PhD research topics being pursued at the ESGC under a number of disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields.

The program will begin with opening remarks by Dr. Andreas Muhar of BOKU University (Vienna) emphasizing the importance of approaching research from an inter-/transdisciplinary perspective.

11 selected PhD candidates will then be invited to make 5-minute oral  spotlight presentations, highlighting their research.

 This will be followed by a poster presentation of 40 ESGC PhD research topics as well as 12 projects from the DFG-ConFoBi Research Group, allowing the audience the opportunity to engage in depth with the research topics.

The Night of Sciences will conclude with the exciting new format of an inter-/transdisciplinarity exercise where the audience will contemplate and discuss the inter-/transdisciplinary potential of this diverse array of research projects.

The detailed programme will be made available soon.

We look forward to seeing you!

For more information, please contact Ms. Esther Muschelknautz (esther.muschelknautz@unr.uni-freiburg)

Click on the links below to have a better impression of the event over the past years:





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